Minecraft Is Too Easy
A Difficulty-Increasing Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4
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"One does not simply walk into the mountains
  and mine iron ore with a stone pickaxe."


Current version is MITE 1.6.4 R126 (October 3, 2015) Change Log

* R126 is compatible with R105 and later releases *

Announcement: A public MITE server 'Gandrok' was started on January 17th. The IP address is gandrokserver.ddns.net. For more information visit the Gandrok forum thread. If you're behind a router you may need to open port 25565 for TCP and UDP to connect.

Important: If you have not played this mod before you should know a few things beforehand:

  1. Expect your progress to be slower than in vanilla Minecraft. You will start as a hunter/gatherer and gradually acquire the tools you need to move into the Bronze Age. Agriculture and an Iron Age will follow, and eventually you will enter a Mythic Age where the mining of mithril and adamantium ores becomes possible.
  2. Many of the tools and weapons you are used to seeing in vanilla Minecraft (such as wooden swords and wooden pickaxes) have been removed and new ones have been added. It will be helpful for you to peruse the Crafting Recipes page before jumping in.
  3. Survival in the beginning is difficult. It will probably take you many lives to develop a survival strategy and several hours days of gameplay to acquire your first metal tools. Be sure to review the in-game Achievements board for direction on what you should do to stay alive. Try to figure things out on your own but if you're still stumped you can always take a look at the hints page. The author has also started a journal of his own adventures which you might find informative.

MITE does not require Forge, ModLoader, or any other 3rd-party tools. It works best installed onto a fresh copy of vanilla Minecraft.


Minecraft Is Too Easy is a stand-alone survival mod that focuses on making the game harder.

For starters, players begin with 3 heart and food icons instead of the standard 10. An extra heart and food icon is awarded with every five levels gained.

Do you have what it takes to survive?

But that's just the beginning. Here are some other changes:

Minecraft Is Too Easy also adds the following features:

New Metals

Anvils Reworked

New Furnaces & Heat Levels

New Tools, Weapons & Armor

New Enchantments

More Foods

New Mobs

Enhanced Animals

Enhanced Farming

Beds Changed

Terrain Generation Tweaks



  1. Download MITE 1.6.4 R126.zip and unzip it.
  2. Agree to the terms of use in README.txt.
  3. If you are on Windows then simply run the Install MITE For Windows installer and you're finished.
  4. Open your ".minecraft" application folder. You can do this on Windows by pressing Windows Key + "R" and typing "%appdata%" into the command box that appears.
  5. Paste the "1.6.4-MITE" folder into the "versions" folder. Inside you will see the rest of the installation steps.
  6. If you have trouble finding the "1.6.4.jar" file it should be located in ".minecraft\versions\1.6.4".

Server Version

A server-only version of MITE (similar to minecraft_server.jar) can be downloaded here. It comes with an installer for Windows/Mac OS and can be run on a machine that doesn't have video output.


To contact the author, you can send an email to the gmail username 'mitemod' or leave a message at the MITE google+ community.

Or you can leave a post on the official Minecraft Is Too Easy Mod thread in the Minecraft Forums.

How Far Have You Gotten?

MITE is a challenging mod and it's interesting to see how well people have managed to fare while playing it. That's why a thread has been created on the Minecraft Forums where you can share your stories and show off your accomplishments. Survived your first night? Got your first pickaxe? Built your first homestead or village? Post it here so everyone can hear about it!

Let's Play Video

Regarding MITE for Minecraft 1.7.x and Beyond

MITE is a large mod and updating it to 1.7.x or 1.8.x will take a lot of work (probably several months of full-time coding and playtesting). I'm not closed to the idea but at the same time I don't feel it has a large enough audience to justify the time and energy required. This could change in the future, of course.

Until then enjoy MITE for Minecraft 1.6.4!